Carrie Ruxton
Dr Carrie Ruxton RD

Award-winning dietitian (PhD),
TV nutritionist and writer.

Nutrition Communications is a successful consultancy headed by award-winning dietitian, health writer and TV nutritionist, Dr Carrie Ruxton.

With a PhD in Child Nutrition and over 100 published articles on diet and health, Carrie has a strong grounding in nutrition science. Yet she combines this with an understanding of the food industry and its important role in the nation's diet.

As well as helping companies to develop healthy, innovative food and beverage products, Carrie regularly appears in magazines and newspapers, and has a number of radio and TV credits (Channel Four news, BBC Three's 'Honey We're Killing the Kids', Radio Scotland, Five Live, BBC Belfast).

Carrie has worked with a wide range of organisations including the NHS , Food Standards Agency, major food companies, ingredient manufacturers, the European Commission, PR agencies and national newspapers.

Carrie's expertise in communicating clear, evidence-based nutrition and diet messages has involved her in many different projects all over the world.

For the avoidance of doubt, Carrie would like to state that she is not a medical doctor and doesn't offer personal nutrition advice.